Brief von Mark aus Australien

Die lange, aber erfolgreiche Rückreise eines Rucksacks
20/03/2006 Guten tag students and staff of Katharina-Henoth Gesamtschule! My name is Mark Makowiecki, I'm 22 years old and in August last year I was based at your school with other young Australians for World Youth Day (WYD). THE SITUATION This story begins at the conclusion of WYD, I was intending to depart Köln by bicycle en route to France hence the need to travel light. To facilitate this I asked a friend in Paris, whom I'd met in India earlier last year, if I could post my backpack to him. In an unfortunate moment of absent-mindedness, my friend accidentally gave me his parents' address. And so began my backpack's journey from the Olpenerstrasse post office! I arrived in Paris seven days after departing Köln and arranged to meet Guillaume (my friend) the next day. It was then I discovered that a mistake had been made and I was assured it would be sorted out. What stopped his parents from collecting my backpack was that he'd given me HIS street number, and THEIR street name! Unable to find my postage reciept (I found it six days later in my moneybelt!), some fruitless enquiries were made. Finally, after discovering the reciept and handing it to Guillaume, he went to the post office and was informed that it had been returned to Germany. Subsequently, I travelled through France, Spain and Italy for almost five weeks with three changes of clothes, a can of deoderant, a Sony discman, a camera and maps of Benelux! THE HUNT On arriving home in Adelaide I didn't set about looking for my backpack with any deal of urgency, in fact I think I left it a few weeks before hunting down Katharina-Henoth's address and sending a letter to your principal in late November. I didn't realise the letter was about to put me in touch with some of the most kind-hearted people I'd ever met.

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